PainKeep 1.11 - DeathMatch add-on for Quake1

PainKeep 1.11 - Single 13.2mb file
PK1.11 source code

Pain Keep is the most ambitious freeware project for Quake since CTF. With production finished in the 5th month it's easy to see all the outstanding work come together in a professional product. Outside contributors, some of whom you will be familiar with already, can be credited with some fantastic deathmatch maps, many of which have been specially customized for the project. Get it! Play it! Love it!

Pain Keep - first place winner of the Total Entertainment Network (TEN) Mapstravaganza competition. Prize winnings were donated to World Vision.

"If you haven't checked out Pain Keep, you should, it's a really well done professional quality product."
Steve "Blue" Heaslip - Blue's News

7 New Weapons each with never-before seen features, brand new models, sounds, and artwork!

21 New Deathmatch Maps specifically built or modified for Pain Keep

Full QuakeWorld Support optimized performance for all maps and modifications

Transparency Effects with GLQuake

Unique Special Effects like lightning, dripping ceilings and splashing water and lava. Also see the bloody damage as you inflict injury to your opponents!

Over 150 New Sounds! including errie ambient and random noises and weapon sounds

Over 60 New Models! including candles, tortured corpses, new gibs, and weapons!

Tons of New Artwork! new map textures, console and weapon artwork

Deathmatch 3 Support and ability to disable unwanted effects

Voting Hub Mode between levels race to enter your favorite map, or die trying. A democratic way to determine which level plays next!

Inventory System that allows you to decide when best to deploy or use an object in your inventory. No binding impulses required (but support is provided)

Currently in Production: PainKeep Arena
The Sequel to PainKeep for Quake III by Team Evolve

PainKeep 20 new levels - Add-on for Pain Keep


PainKeep Additional Levels 1 - 5
download from website

PainKeep Additional Levels 6 - 10
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PainKeep Additional Levels 11 - 15
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PainKeep Additional Levels 16 - 20
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Developed independently by RMD Software, Pain Rift for Quake2 is the unofficial sequel to PainKeep for Quake.

Pain Rift is the extension of Quake2 Deathmatch that you have been waiting for. Complete with new weapons and levels, this mod gives you everything you like about Q2 DM while offering a whole new range of tactics and environments to explore.

With levels from such acclaimed authors as Yooshin Yang and Doug Magee, code from the guys who brought you the first transparent water effects for Classic Quake, and a weapon range that includes the return of the Airfist and Grappling Hook, as well as a destructive collection of new weapons, you will be glad you took the time to check out Pain Rift.

FlameBurst blaster fire with explosive finish

Maelstrom tear your foes a new one, with this lightning style gun

AirFist painless Rocket Jumps, or use this baby to smear your friends against the wallpaper

MLR red laser fire for cutting folks in half

Stardust Grenade the mother of all grenades, full nuclear capabilities

AirFist Grenade why jump on a live grenade when you can use the airfist grenade and float upwards, watch out for the roof

Seeker Grenade a hovering , motion sensitive , kiss of death. Leave this one lying around to deter your enemies

Proximity Sensor drop this grenade on the floor, and wait for someone to trip over it

Flash Grenade blinded by the light...

Flare Grenade great for lighting up those dark corners

Bouncing Betty the flip/flop grenade that keeps on giving

Drug Grenade excellent at parties, victims may get wobbly and fire blaster randomly

Item Overclock your vision may be warped, but your weapons will pack an extra punch